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A growing trend: Young Gazans emigrate out of the Gaza Strip in hopes of a better future, posting the process on social media

Various Gazan accounts are addressing a recent an increase in discussions on social media of leaving the Gaza Strip, claiming that the number of young Gazans attempting to do so is also growing. The attached photo, which became viral yesterday, of 24 young Gazans from Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahia leaving the Strip together in hopes of a better future abroad – is just one example of this phenomenon.

Fatah supporters report that in the past week alone, more than 19,000 Gazans submitted applications for a visa to Turkey (a popular destination for Gazan migrants – Abu Ali). According to these sources, approximately 350,000 young people have left the Gaza Strip in recent years (though this figure is unverified and seems a bit exaggerated – Abu Ali).

The Hamas government, which invests its wealth in military strengthening, fails to create a positive outlook for its residents.

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