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A joint statement by the Israeli Police, Shin Bet, and IDF reads as follows:

“Yamam (National Counter Terrorism Unit) forces, in coordination with Shin Bet intelligence, successfully located a (Palestinian militant – Abu Ali) squad that had departed from Jenin Refugee Camp en route to carry out an attack.

The squad’s leader, Na’ef Abu Souis, a 26-year-old resident of Jenin Refugee Camp, was a prominent militant with a history of involvement in attacks against Israeli forces. He has been known for leading militant activities in collaboration with terrorist organizations from the Gaza Strip.

He was accompanied by two other members of the squad. An M16 rifle, used by the squad members, was found inside the vehicle.”

Also attached is a photo of the vehicle in which the three militants were. According to Palestinian channels, more than 100 rounds were fired at the vehicle.

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