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A series of posts by Gazans and a Jordanian on Facebook with interesting angles on what is happening as part of “Tofan al-Aqsa” – the war imposed by Hamas on the region:

1. Gazan: Shalit cost us ten thousand dead and a million candles after the electricity was cut off because of him. It cost us a siege and retreat in the state of the Palestinian issue in the world.

This time we lost everything everything everything without whoever caused this stupid action bearing responsibility.
Even our brothers in the West Bank and the workers were damaged by the catastrophe.

Some of the fools throw mud at the Palestinian Authority for occasionally handing over drunken settlers who accidentally enter the West Bank cities, who if they were kidnapped would cause the destruction of the West Bank by Israel.

Give them their abductees already to protect what is left of the people in Gaza.
Haven’t you had enough of our blood?

2. Gazan: In Israel the people come to account with those responsible in government due to omissions or mistakes in making decisions.
In elections, they change senior officials like they change socks.
With us – there is no contract or agreement between the responsible official and the people. We cannot replace any of the officials under any circumstances and he determines what will be the fate of our houses, our money and our blood.
It is a disaster that the one who decides your fate is not subject to your criticism.
How will we defeat them when they choose their leaders and we are subjugated and forced to accept our rulers without being able to replace them?

3. Gazan: I was amazed to hear that there are child abductions from the tents of the displaced. I saw a mother who cried for 3 days for her kidnapped child. A doctor at a hospital in Rafah warned us against sexual assaults against children. Outside the tent there are human dogs.

4. Gazan: Your tofan (the name Hamas gave to the campaign which translates as “flood”) drowned us.

5. Gazan: Thank you Hamas, you arranged an unusual victory for us.

6. Jordanian: A shawarma restaurant with the name was opened on October 7, received unusual publicity one minute and the next day, according to the decision of Jordanian government officials, it was closed.

There were some brats who were mad at the government for this.

In truth we should thank the government and not criticize it for this action.
Imagine that someone decided to trade the blood of 30 thousand dead and 2 million displaced people, hungry for bread and freezing cold to make money from shawarma.

We should thank the government for saving our good name.
Imagine going in to eat a hamburger in a restaurant that trades in the blood of the Palestinians, think how sick it is.

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