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As part of reports from Gazan internet users about price gouging in the Gazan market following the war, I did some homework and brought here a list of a variety of products with a comparison between the price now and the price before the war:

A box of coffee: costs 25 NIS instead of 6 NIS and cannot be obtained
Yellow plastic jerrycan: costs NIS 40, instead of NIS 8
A box of yeast for baking: costs 30-40 NIS instead of 5-6 NIS
A 25 kg bag of flour: costs NIS 200 instead of NIS 35
A kilo of Egyptian rice: 6 NIS instead of 3 for 10 NIS
A kilo of jasmine rice: 10 NIS instead of 6 NIS
Bag of macaroni 500 grams: NIS 7 instead of NIS 3
A box of tuna: 5 NIS instead of 3 for 10 NIS
12 kilo gas cylinder: NIS 500 instead of NIS 65
Kilo of coal: 12 NIS instead of 5 NIS
A large box of feta cheese: NIS 10 instead of NIS 4
Small box of feta cheese: 5 NIS instead of 2 NIS
A kilo of lentils (a basic product in Gaza): NIS 7 instead of NIS 4
A kilo of za’atar: 40 NIS instead of 20 NIS
Cheddar cheese package: 7 NIS instead of 4 NIS
Egg tray: 55 NIS instead of 14 NIS

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