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Bahrain – The Sunni axis manages to twist Lebanon’s arm once again

Earlier this week, a delegation from the Bahraini “al-Wifaq” organization (opposition to the Bahraini government) arrived in Lebanon and held a press conference during which it attacked the Bahraini government.

Lebanese officials, still licking the wounds from the recent diplomatic crisis between Lebanon and the Sunni Axis (caused by Lebanon’s then Information Minister George Kordahi) were quick to condemn the delegation’s remarks against the Bahraini government.

Yesterday, a day after the “42nd Gulf Summit” ended (which also called for the Lebanese government to act against Hezbollah), the Lebanese Interior Minister ordered the immediate expulsion of the Bahrainis from Lebanon for fear of further incidents and sanctions from the Gulf states.

The Saudi-led Sunni axis certainly succeeded in influencing Lebanon’s internal affairs effectively.

Israel can look from the sidelines and smile. 2:0 to the Saudis and the Gulf states over Lebanon.

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