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“A huge convoy of tanks is in East Rafah, be warned”

This was one of the reports that was widely circulated among Gazans on social media last night. The source of the report and its truth are unknown, but it, along with the words of the Israeli and American officials last night, raised the level of panic among Gazans significantly.

At the beginning of the evening Defense Minister Gallant announced that the Hamas proposal was formulated so that Israel would refuse it and that the IDF would reach “new areas”.
Later, Netanyahu rejected the Hamas proposal at a press conference and explicitly mentioned Rafah as the target for the advance of the forces.
Blinken later noted, among other things, that a military operation in Rafah should take into account the size of the population there. More evidence from the point of view of the Palestinians that there is an American green light for action in Rafah.
The reactions from the Egyptian side in this matter also do not encourage them and they feel that there are “silent agreements” between Egypt, Israel and the US regarding the operation in Rafah.

Beyond the fear and anxiety that this creates, it is possible to notice among Gazans on social networks a lot of anger and also a strong and growing hatred towards Hamas for the unrealistic proposal it presented and its insistence on things that there is no chance that Israel will agree to.
The Gazans wish with all their heart for the fighting to stop but now realize that the military option in Rafah is actually happening.
One of the Arab research institutes pointed out that action in Rafah is extremely significant in terms of the course of the war because it will harm the last area where Hamas’ military activity still “receives a hug” from the population and action there will harm this significant connection between Hamas and the population.

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