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A Gazan on Facebook attacked Sinwar in view of the continuation of the fighting:

1. If you had one ounce of nationalism left in you, you mentally ill person (one of the nicknames they used on social media for Sinwar) and those with you, you would have already betrayed yourselves.
The people here are already losing their minds and you are sitting in your hole.
Get out of there, if you have an ounce of nationalism in you, don’t betray yourself. Go out and fight and die, you and those who are with you.

Because reality has become impossible for us and it’s as if you are a partner in this plan.

2. In the speech of the mentally ill Sinwar after the “Sword of Jerusalem” (Operation “Guardian of the Walls” in 2021 -AA) he challenged the occupation army to eliminate him and announced that he would leave on foot in half an hour so that there would be enough time for the drones to eliminate him. He has no problem with that. He is ready.
On 7.10 he made a “flood” for us and went to hide like a mouse and hasn’t come out since. This is the first time in history that the commander of the campaign runs away and hides like a mouse, abandoning the people to die from sniper fire, bombs and being run over by tanks or being burned alive or buried alive… and those with whom he hides. Are the inhabitants humans or victims intended for slaughter… and he does not issue even a proclamation or a video clip or go out with weapons to fight…
A coward and a liar… that’s how the mentally ill are.

This is on the assumption that he is not a collaborator…

3. I want to understand something.
What did you, as the leadership of Hamas, seek to achieve when you dug a tunnel under UNRWA’s headquarters in Gaza?
What is the purpose of this tunnel?
Do you want to end the refugee issue?
By what right do you do that?
Now see what will happen because of this tunnel.
There are no people inferior to you.

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