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Nasrallah explains how it is possible to make Israel lose the war in Gaza

In the conclusion of his speech, Nasrallah says that it is very important that Gaza emerge victorious in the war.

How will this happen?

Nasrallah explains the criteria (in his view) for victory over Israel:

1. Preventing the achievement of the goals that Israel declared when it started the war.

2. Causing great losses to Israel.

Nasrallah explains: the resistance movements (for example Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad) are not an army of a state. Their purpose is not to prevent the enemy from entering a certain area. Their goal is to cause him great losses there as well as to make him leave an area and then return to it.

In other words – the fact that the IDF enters almost every point in the Gaza Strip is fine… Hamas’s role is not to prevent it, but only to make the IDF leave afterwards…
The criteria as mentioned are very flexible in order to allow the terrorist organizations to more easily claim “victory”.

Nasrallah’s speech started at 15:30 (half an hour late) – during the speech Hezbollah accepted responsibility for 4 attacks on Israel and one more during the time period of the delay, before the speech.
It’s not accidental. Nasrallah likes (and rightly so) fighting in “two arenas” at the same time, with one strengthening the other: fire alongside words.

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