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Abu Obaida’s voice recording published today. But is it from today?

This article is in continuation of our previous article

A month and two days after his last message, today around 17:00, a recoding of the spokesman of the military wing of Hamas, Abu Obida, was published.

The Palestinian channels did not have time to recover from Nasrallah’s speech and immediately started “bombarding” details from Abu Obida’s 11-minute speech.

Those who listened to all 11 minutes may notice an interesting detail.
Unlike previously, this time he did not refer to current events.
He spoke in generalities and did not touch on any specific events.

Why is it interesting?
Because apart from marking the 133rd day of the war, it could be relevant to any day of the war.
There is no reference to the release of the abductees in Rafah. There is no reference to the possible operation in Rafah.
He certainly could have recorded the same speech a month ago and written: Publish on the 133rd day of the war…

Abu Obaida, try a little harder next time. This time was not convincing.

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