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After Hamas’ distress proclamation yesterday 馃憜 the Palestinian National and Islamic Forces also publish a proclamation in a similar spirit under the title:

This article is in continuation of our previous article

“賱丕 氐賵鬲 賷毓賱賵 賮賵賯 氐賵鬲 丕賱賵丨丿丞 賵乇氐 丕賱氐賮賵賮”

“No voice overcomes the unity of the line” – a title that is an interesting paraphrase of a more familiar sentence:

“賱丕 氐賵鬲 賷毓賱賵 賮賵賯 氐賵鬲 丕賱賲賯丕賵賲丞”

“No voice prevails over the voice of resistance”

The announcement warns against “dubious voices that are fed by the enemy’s security mechanisms” and are used to harm the Palestinian internal front and stir up chaos in it. The proclamation calls for the unity of the Palestinian ranks and vigilance against attempts to harm the internal front.

This is another important expression of the real fear among Hamas and the Palestinian factions of the disintegration of the social order in the Gaza Strip and the increase in power of the opponents of Hamas rule against the background of the difficult situation in the Gaza Strip.

The plight of Hamas and the factions is certainly evident. It is clearly on the rise. These are voices that were not heard in the first four months of fighting.

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