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Hamas is trying to calm the internal front: road 749 is not paved with asphalt at all, this is psychological warfare…

This article is in continuation of our previous article

After the wide distribution of the documentation from Channel 14 on Highway 749, crossing Gaza, which stretches from east to west in the south of Gaza City, Hamas’s counterpart to the “Home Front Command” was forced to publish a “clarification to the residents of the Gaza Strip”, through which it tried to calm the stormy winds.

In an announcement on her behalf, it was stated that this is not a paved road, but a dirt road, and that the army has been using it since the beginning of the ground campaign, as it did in 2014 (in operation Tzuk Eitan).
It was also reported that “the occupation chose to publish this as part of its psychological war to put pressure on the resistance and the Gazan public.”
Hamas admitted that the IDF had indeed set up earthen batteries on the sides of road 749 to protect against “resistance” attacks.

Once again Hamas is in denial. It is trying to present things in a way that will reduce the damage in front of the internal front, which she is really afraid of in recent days. The multitude of denials and the need to publish explanatory statements with such great frequency testify to the deterioration of their situation on the internal front.

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