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Osama Hamdan’s words this morning are interesting. Especially the line where he says that the American administration is trying to influence Palestinian public opinion by leaking the details of the proposal.

This article is in continuation of our previous article

A few days ago, the American National Security Adviser said that Qatar, the US, Israel and Egypt had reached an understanding on the basic lines of a hostage release deal.

He did not say that Hamas agreed…

It seems that the US is trying to reach a deal over the head of Hamas, in the hope that the momentum will catch on and create additional pressure on Hamas among the Palestinian population, as the month of Ramadan approaches – which has become a target date for the Americans.

Along the way, the Americans are trying to sew a normalization deal and promises to the Palestinians about a two-state solution.

It looks like all the ambitions of the Biden administration are concentrated into one gooey paste.
Pressure is now being put on all sides in a direction with the US presidential election being the main catalyst and also dictating the schedule.

Will the US succeed in Americanizing what is happening in the Middle East now? We still haven’t talked about Hezbollah…

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