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Najib Mikati Prime Minister of Lebanon to Reuters:

There is serious talk about the arrival of the “Ramadan understandings” in Gaza at the beginning of next week – as part of which Israeli military activity in the Gaza Strip will be stopped.

This will lead to the opening of negotiations for a long-term peace in Lebanon, subject to reaching an agreement in Gaza.

The American envoy Amos Hochstein is expected to arrive in Lebanon soon.

This is what the American plan actually looks like:
Peace in Gaza in Ramadan that will lead to negotiations for a significant agreement in Lebanon and then pressure to continue the peace in Gaza.

If Israel does not initiate an attack in Lebanon before the peace in Gaza, it will be very difficult for it to gather international legitimacy for a military move in Lebanon. Everyone is addicted to “peace” and the US elections are approaching.

Israel’s significant lever now to change the situation in the north is the fact that the residents of the north are outside their homes and will not return there until a change takes place.

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