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Following the Palestinian reports last night and this morning, the IDF spokesman confirms: We launched a divisional attack in Khan Yunis – airstrikes preceded the movement of troops

From the publication of am IDF report:
IDF strikes terror targets, including terrorist infrastructure and operatives, in the Khan Yunis area

Overnight, the 98th Division carried out an extensive series of strikes on terror targets in western Khan Yunis in order to intensify operational achievements in the area. During the strikes, the troops destroyed terrorist infrastructure and eliminated Hamas terrorists who were operating from civilian facilities in urban areas. The divisional operation started with a series of aerial strikes on approximately 50 terror targets within six minutes, carried out by the IAF with the assistance of IDF artillery. Among the targets struck were underground terrorist infrastructure, military structures, anti-tank missile launch posts, rigged structures, and terrorists’ operational meeting points that posed a threat to the troops in the area. The strikes were carried out in order to assist IDF troops operating on the ground to continue activity against terrorist infrastructure and operatives in the area.

Additionally, over the past day, IDF troops eliminated over 30 terrorists and located weapons in central Gaza. During one of the operational activities in the area, IDF troops identified a terrorist cell loading suspected weapons, who approached the troops in the area. In response, an aircraft struck and eliminated the terrorist cell.

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