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Hamas in an official announcement:

“We reject and condemn the report of the top UN official accusing the resistance fighters of sexual violence and acts of rape on 10/7.
The purpose of this report, besides denigrating the resistance, is to cover up another report according to which sexual crimes were committed against Gazan detainees in Israel.

This report contradicts the testimonies of Israeli women and prisoners (the kidnapped-AA) who were released regarding the good treatment they received at the hands of the Palestinian fighters (they are also referring here to interviews in the media by Israeli women who were not kidnapped and told about what happened to them on 10/7 in the Gaza Envelope -AA).

This report will not succeed in reducing the Zionist crimes in the Gaza Strip, which include the killing of approximately 40,000 Palestinians, most of them children, women and civilians, as part of ethnic cleansing…”

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