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The Qatari Al Jazeera network brings more details about the new Hamas proposal, from its sources:

According to the proposal for the agreement, there will be 3 phases of 42 days each.

The agreement is conditional on the withdrawal of IDF forces from Rashid Street (the coastal road) and Salah al-Din route (the road that crosses the Strip from north to south) and is also conditional on the return of the displaced to their homes and the introduction of aid.

Hamas offered an exchange key according to which in exchange for the release of every living female Israeli soldier from the Strip, Israel would release 50 Palestinian prisoners, including 30 prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment.

Hamas conditioned the transition to an exchange deal that also includes the soldiers in its possession (hereafter the second phase-AA), on the announcement of a permanent ceasefire.

According to Hamas’s proposal, the restoration of the Strip and the lifting of the blockade on it will begin at the beginning of the third phase of the deal.

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