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Following the report yesterday 馃憜about the attacks in Rafah

This article is in continuation of our previous article

Joint IDF and ISA announcement:

The IDF and ISA eliminated senior Hamas operatives in Rafah

On Monday, IDF fighter jets acting on IDF and ISA intelligence eliminated senior Hamas operatives in Rafah who assisted its military wing in establishing continued control, as well as operations in the field.

The operatives struck were Sayid Katab Alkhashash, Osama Hamd Zaher, Muhammad Aud Almelalakhi, the heads of Hamas’ Emergency Bureau in Northern and Eastern Rafah, alongside Hadi Abu Alrus Kasin, an operations officer.

The senior operatives were the representatives of Hamas鈥 leadership in Rafah. As part of their roles, they managed the terror organization’s activities in humanitarian zones and were responsible for coordination with Hamas operatives in the field.

Furthermore, Nidal Aleed, the Head of Hamas鈥 Rafah Emergency Bureau, who managed all of its operations in the area, was eliminated in a strike last week.

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