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The Iraqi drone hit the IDF base in Eilat, who pays the price?

IDF Spokesperson:
Following the announcement regarding a suspicious aerial target that fell in the area of the Gulf of Eilat overnight (Monday), the target fell at an IDF base in Eilat. No injuries were reported and light damage was caused to a structure. The incident is under review.

After the official announcement by the IDF spokesperson, Israel should exact a price from the Shiite militias in Iraq and especially from the A-Negba’a militia that accepted responsibility for the attack.

Regarding similar attacks by the Houthis – the US promised Israel and it is attacking the Houthis together with the coalition it formed, but in Iraq the US has not attacked for many weeks following the arrangement it reached (some say in the negotiations with Iran) according to which the Shia militias in Iraq will not attack its own bases.

If the US does not attack the Shiite militias and if Israel does not attack them, this means that it is the only proxy in the campaign that actively participates in attacking Israel and does not pay a price for it.
So why would it stop? On the contrary… The activity will only increase following the success last night.

Israel will have to convince the Americans to charge a price or it will have to do it itself.

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