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From the activity of the IDF in an inhabited (at least in the recent past) area within the Gaza Strip

IDF spokesperson:

The IDF is conducting fierce battles against terrorists of the terrorist organization Hamas deep in the Gaza Strip

In recent hours, combined forces of the IDF, led by ground forces, have been conducting fierce battles deep in the territory of the Gaza Strip. The IDF forces attacked a Hamas terrorist outpost in the north of the Gaza Strip. The forces eliminated dozens of terrorists, anti-tank launching squads and anti-tank launching positions, observation posts and seized many weapons, including explosives and guns.

Attached is documentation of the activity of IDF forces in the Gaza Strip: https://bit.ly/46PwnYv

Attached is documentation of an attack by terrorists of the terrorist organization Hamas: https://bit.ly/3FENm3L

Attached are photos of the activities of the forces in the Gaza Strip: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/ANC31102023.021653

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Are these pictures that we can post to “bother the Gazans”🤣

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