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Gaza: They are starting to talk about surrender

A talented Gazan journalist who immigrated from Gaza to Europe about two years ago posted today with a central and very important question:

Who is the party responsible for announcing the surrender, handing over the weapons and stopping the massacres?

The answers he receives to this question, which in my opinion is very important that came up for discussion, are varied and interesting.

Below are examples:

1. Khamenei
2. Iran
3. The decision-makers sitting on a plate of fruit at the hotel in Qatar.
4. Ending this shame and ending the massacres is a moral duty imposed on the leaders of Hamas.
5. With the blood dealers there is no decision making. Whoever brings more blood has the dominant position.
6. That’s it. The ax is already on the head.
7. Think about how to fight. They did not think about the population and how to take care of food and basic conditions for it.
8. Gaza has already fallen.

The issue of responsibility for making the decision to surrender is certainly interesting and should be considered. Are the commanders on the ground in Gaza even allowed to announce it? Only the leaders of Hamas, who are abroad?

This is a central issue that concerns the duration of the campaign, the fate of which is becoming clearer for the Gazans by the minute.

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