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Gazans against Hamas: The situation in the Gaza Strip is unbearable. Release the Israeli abductees so they can leave us alone.

In the face of the bellicose declarations of senior Hamas officials from outside Nablus and the Arabs on Al Jazeera screens and despite the bragging about the “firm stand of the Gazans”, Gazans on social media describe an unbearably difficult situation in the Strip and come out against Hamas.
Here are some examples from the past day on social networks:

1. I can no longer bear the situation in Gaza. It is not possible for us to be hostages because of Hamas. Let the Israeli abductees be released, let them leave Gaza and leave us alone….our patience has run out.

2. Gaza is in the process of dying… put an end to this war, you who have entangled us in a flood (flood and also the name of the war according to Hamas -AA) without a ship (a rescue ship like Noah’s ark -AA), who bet on our fate to lift the flag of your imaginary victories over a mountain of the skulls of our children and women and over the mountains of ruins of our homes that took us half our lives to build.

3. Does the son of a dog who fixed his beard with a laser and throws slogans at us and talks about victories from the hotel in Qatar know that the food and drink in the north of the Strip has started to run out? Does he know that the water jerrycans that we spend at least three hours a day filling have started to wear out and there is nothing to replace them with? Does he know that we will die of thirst if they wear out from dragging them on the floor because our hands are tired from carrying them?
Do all these bitches know that we spend three hours a day scavenging for firewood and that the firewood we collect from the bombed out houses is running out because the fire eats away at it as it eats our hearts and as the airplanes eat away at our houses?

Praised be Allah that they brought medicine to the Israeli soldiers (the abductees – AA) and brought medicine in for us that we already have…is that what you call a victory, you dogs?

4. Musa Abu Marzouk boasts that he determined the amount of drugs in the deal and determined who would be the mediator in the negotiations on aspirin and paracetamol… I really don’t understand what there is to be proud of, maybe someone can explain to me? We were supposed to talk about Palestine but we are dealing with aspirin and paracetamol.. Musa Abu Marzouk, you are negotiating about paracetamol on the same day that the Israeli army surrounds Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis, which is the largest hospital in the Strip that is still functioning, and tries to empty it of its residents, as it will do in the following days. This is what the Israeli army did to the other hospitals in the Gaza Strip.
Why do you, Ya Abu Marzouk, accept that they empty the hospital of people, in exchange for receiving a few boxes of paracetamol?
This is a negotiation of shame, Ya Abu Marzouk.

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