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Hamas and Palestinian factions remain quiet as Jerusalem Day concludes peacefully

In the days preceding Jerusalem Day, various officials from Hamas and other Palestinian factions made numerous but vaguely worded threats. However, today these very officials were noticeably quite.

Throughout the entire day, reports on Palestinian channels were dominated by the blue and white colors of the Israeli flags. The overall sense in these channels was that of powerlessness due to the notable absence of a Palestinian response.

Ismail Haniyeh, the chairman of Hamas’ political bureau, addressed the events in an official statement and, in an attempt to provide their narrative and explain the absence of a Palestinian response, summarized Hamas’ stance in the following manner:

“The Zionist entity’s preparedness, extending from the north to the south, to provide protection for its Flag March, signifies the delicate security situation it finds itself in. The ongoing struggle with our enemy continues, and our nation will only settle the score through the liberation of our land and sanctities, and through exercising our right of return. The closure of Jerusalem’s streets demonstrates the settlers’ terror in the face of our people’s steadfastness.”

Bottom line… a strong sense of helplessness among the Palestinians today.

Continuing with the same topic: Today, there was an expectation that thousands of Gazan families in need would receive a Qatari donation of approximately $100. However, the distribution of these funds has been postponed indefinitely, with no rescheduled date announced. The arrival of the Qatari ambassador in the Gaza Strip tomorrow may provide an update on the new distribution timeline.

Fatah supporters are now mocking Hamas for its inability to follow through on their threats regarding the Jerusalem Day Flag March, highlighting how heavily reliant the organization is on the Qatari donations, which prevented them from mounting a response today. Sarcastically, they commented on how Hamas, despite accusing the “Zionists of defiling al-Aqsa,” ended up being “a slave to the dollar.”

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