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Hamas spokesman Hazem Kassem responded to the drone strike in Jenin:

“The use of drones for targeted killings represents a dangerous escalation by the enemy, who failed to defeat our operatives in direct battlefield confrontations. The massacre in Jenin will not go unanswered, and those responsible will face punishment from both the people and the resistance. Our people have devised a response strategy based on the occupation’s crimes. These heinous acts will not discourage us.”

According to Palestinian sources, Ata Abu Rmayleh, the Fatah secretary in Jenin, provided the following information in an interview with Palestinian radio regarding the casualties of the attack: The individuals killed in the attack were identified as Suhib al-Ghoul, Ashraf al-Saadi, and Muhammad Awis.

According to Palestinian sources, Awis was an active member of Fatah’s AMB, while the other two were PIJ militants.

Attached is a photo of Awis, as well as photos published by the IDF of rifles retrieved from the burning vehicle.

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