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Heavy clashes between the IDF and militants in Jenin: High-intensity IEDs detonated at IDF vehicles

Shortly before 5 AM, Palestinian channels began reporting the entry of Israeli forces into Jenin, claiming to have arrested Azzam Abu al-hijja, the son of Jamal Abu al-Hijja, a senior Hamas member currently imprisoned in Israel. Azzam, has also been detained several times in Israel.

Since 5 AM and until now, there have been heavy exchanges of fire between Palestinian militants and the IDF in Jenin. The Palestinians report approximately 20 wounded, four of which are in serious condition, from IDF gunfire. Powerful IEDs, planted in the ground beforehand, were detonated at the Israeli forces, damaging several vehicles. One Israeli report claims five IDF soldiers were wounded in the explosions.

Palestinian militants are currently firing at IDF helicopters in the skies of Jenin.

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