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IDF spokesman: We eliminated a senior operative in the Islamic Jihad

This article is in continuation of our previous article

The Palestinians: He is a journalist

The IDF spokesman’s announcement this morning about the assassination of the deputy head of the Islamic Jihad’s information system – Wa’al Abu Fanounah, again reveals the connection between Gazan journalists and terrorist organizations.

Yesterday, the official Palestinian channels reported the death of the colleague, Abu Fanounah, CEO of the Al-Quds Alyum TV channel.
They accused Israel of deliberately killing journalists, claiming that about 120 have been killed in the Gaza Strip during the war (about ten percent of the registered journalists in the Gaza Strip).
As mentioned, this morning it turned out that he is a senior operative in the Islamic Jihad. Last week we found out that Hamza Dahdouh, the son of the director of Al Jazeera’s offices in Gaza, was an active commander in the Islamic Jihad – the Palestinians also claimed: he was a journalist…

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