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IDF spokesperson:

The IDF attacked over 450 terrorist targets in the last day; IDF forces continue to expand ground operations

In the last day, IDF warplanes attacked over 450 military targets of the terrorist organization Hamas throughout the Gaza Strip. Among the targets that were attacked were military headquarters, observation posts, and anti-tank firing positions of the terrorist organization.

As part of the expansion of the activity of the ground forces, the combined combat teams attacked terrorist squads that tried to attack the forces and squads that planned to fire anti-tank weapons and also directed aircraft at targets from the ground.

During the night, an IDF officer was seriously injured as a result of an IED in the northern Gaza Strip.
In addition, an IDF soldier was moderately injured during an encounter with terrorists in the northern Gaza Strip.
The officer and the soldier were evacuated to receive medical treatment at a hospital.

Their families have been notified.

Attached is documentation from the expansion of ground forces activity: https://bit.ly/478Q1OV

Attached is documentation from the airstrikes: https://bit.ly/47cj0S3

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Truth NO propaganda!

Every bomb has the name of 1 fallen Israeli person, from even before the massacre began 7/10/2023, the Israelis gunned down, stabbed, runover, blown up, etc; And when this list is exhausted, all the names of global Jewry that were killed by hate. For example, the elder Jewish people at the synagogue in the USA. The Rabbi in Florida a few years back; And so many more. The innocent victims of hate that were not allowed to continue with their lives because of hate.

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