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IDF spokesperson:

IDF aircraft carried out an attack on a terrorist squad located in the Mount Dov area, which had fired rockets at Israeli territory earlier in the day. During this operation, the IDF successfully destroyed a significant amount of weapons that the terrorists had intended to use for further launches into Israeli territory.

In response to the earlier missile launches from Lebanese territory towards the Mount Dov area, Israeli warplanes conducted airstrikes on military facilities associated with the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

Furthermore, Israeli air defense forces detected three missile launches from Lebanon into Israeli territory, and successfully intercepted two of these missiles, while the third fell in an open area. IDF forces promptly retaliated against the sources of these attacks.

Earlier today, additional missiles were fired at the Israeli communities of Malkia and Aramsha, with no casualties. IDF forces returned fire on the sources of these missile launches as well.

Attached is footage of the attack on Hezbollah military infrastructure:

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