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Iran: Protests resume as Iranians protest recent executions and mark the anniversary of the regime’s downing of a Ukrainian civilian plane

Today marks three years since the Iranian regime shot down a Ukrainian civilian aircraft taking off from Tehran. In early 2020, shortly after the assassination of Qasem Soleimani Iran responded with a missile attack on a US base in Iraq. Fearing an American retaliation, Iranian air defense systems fired missiles at a Ukrainian Boeing 737 plane. All 176 passengers on board, mostly Iranian citizens, perished.

Iranians took to the streets, marking the incident, and also continuing yesterday’s demonstrations following the recent executions of protesters.

Demonstrations were reported tonight in the following cities: Isfahan, Tehran (in at least seven different locations throughout the capital), Arak, Najafabad, Mahabad, Babol, Mashhad, Urmia, Tabriz, Karaj, Shiraz, Sanandaj, Qom, Ilam, and Bandarabbas.

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