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Lebanon: Concern Over Renewed Violent Clashes in Ein al-Khilweh

Reports from Lebanese media indicate a heightened worry of a potential resurgence of violent clashes within the Palestinian refugee “camp,” Ein al-Khilweh.

Last night, civilians started evacuating from the town following the expiration of the deadline for the Islamist militants, responsible for instigating the recent wave of violence, to surrender themselves. As you might recall, about a month ago, several members of the Salafist movement “Asabat al-Ansar” assassinated senior Fatah leader Abu Ashraf Al-Armushi, along with several of his companions.

Anticipating that their rivals will not turn themselves in, Fatah has reportedly brought weapons and armed personnel from other Lebanese “camps” into Ein al-Khilweh.

Tensions are visibly high in the area. The desire for blood vengeance remains unresolved, and the unsettled debt casts a lingering shadow.

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