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Lebanon: Exchange of Fire in Ein al-Hilweh Continues as the Number of Casualties Keeps Rising

Throughout the night and into the morning, the exchange of fire at the Palestinian refugee “camp” in Sidon, Ein al-Hilweh, has not stopped. On one side, there is the self-organized Salafi group, and on the other, Fatah militants.

Efforts to cease the fire have failed, mainly because Fatah still seeks to avenge the death of its senior commander, who was killed yesterday along with four of his companions.

So far, there have been nine fatalities and over 40 injuries since the clashes erupted. Reports indicate that residents are fleeing the “camp”. 40 houses were completely destroyed as a result of the gunfire, which included RPG and missile fire.

The Lebanese army closed the nearby highway after vehicles were hit by gunfire from within the “camp”.

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