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Libya: Unpleasant Developments

Following her meeting with the Israeli Foreign Minister and the strong reaction across the Arab world, Libya’s Prime Minister suspended Foreign Minister Najla Mangoush from her position.

Simultaneously, the Libyan Parliament has convened an urgent meeting, prompted by the “illegal and immoral act committed by the Foreign Minister in meeting with the Israeli Foreign Minister.”

As Mangoush was taken into custody last night for questioning, Libya’s security authorities reportedly implemented measures to prevent her from departing the country. Despite this, some reports suggest that the Libyan minister might have already fled the country.

Amidst these developments, Mangoush provided her version of the meeting: “There was an unofficial and unplanned encounter (with the Israeli minister – Abu Ali) during a meeting in Rome with the Italian Foreign Minister. I do not support normalization with Israel. The reports on Israeli media are inaccurate.”

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