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Libya’s Prime Minister Announces Foreign Minister’s Dismissal Amidst Her Claims Meeting With Israeli Counterpart Was Officially Approved

The unfolding situation surrounding the meeting involving Libyan Foreign Minister Najla Mangoush and Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen takes yet another turn.

After fleeing to Turkey on board a government plane, the Libyan Minister revealed that her meeting with Cohen was preceded by a visit from the Libyan Prime Minister to Italy. During this visit, the Libyan Prime Minister met with Italian Prime Minister Georgia Maloney, after which the two agreed to schedule a meeting with the Israeli minister. This agreement was reportedly tied to the reopening of the flight route connecting Rome to Tripoli (Libya).

According to Mangoush, her meeting with the Israeli minister had received the explicit approval and awareness of the Libyan Prime Minister. Furthermore, she disclosed that it was the Libyan Prime Minister who instructed her to release a statement last night asserting that the meeting had been unplanned and accidental, in order to avoid repercussions.

Mangoush also asserted that she possesses “numerous documents” supporting her claims and that she refuses to be made the scapegoat, as requested by the Prime Minister (who had just recently announced her dismissal.)

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