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Many in Israel and beyond await Nasrallah’s speech this upcoming Friday at 15:00, after his voice hasn’t been heard since the war began. In Israel’s view, taking proactive measures in response to this is essential, rather than waiting for the Hezbollah leader’s remarks.

One approach Israel could adopt is a public declaration of a 24-hour cessation of offensive actions in Lebanon starting tomorrow, with the exception of targeting imminent threats. These 24 hours will end precisely at 15:00 on Friday, coinciding with Nasrallah’s speech. If quiet from the Israeli side isn’t met with quiet from Hezbollah, a significant military response will commence at 15:00, the moment Nasrallah begins speaking.

This would keep Nasrallah on edge and might require him to adjust his prepared speech. Additionally, it would make it clear, both to Lebanon and the international community, that Hezbollah is responsible for Lebanon’s precarious situation. Israel can officially declare that the 24-hour pause isn’t a declaration of war, offering a genuine opportunity for dialogue with Nasrallah. If Israel needs to take offensive action after the 24 hours, it would be the first time it confronts Nasrallah during one of his speeches in his own currency.

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I expect Hezbollah to launch some limited surprise operation before the speech so that Nasrallah has something to boast about during the speech.

Joseph Lopez

You called it!!

تحليلات سياسيه
اسرائيل سوف توافق على تهدئة مع غزه قبل كلمة السيد حسن نصرالله الأمين العام لحزب الله يوم غدا خوفا منه الاعلان بدخول الحرب …

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