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Military coup in Gabon – Is France losing its grip on another country in Africa?

This morning, a group of military officers announced (in French) on Gabon’s official television the annulment of the results of the Gabonese presidential election.

The election had just taken place, and Ali Bongo, the son of Omar Bongo, who served as Gabon’s president from 1967 until his death in 2009, had won for the third time in a row. The Bongo family’s reign was beneficial for France, as they profited significantly from Gabon’s natural minerals.

Today, the French mining company Eramet declared the suspension of its operations in Gabon following the military coup.

Russian channels aligned with the regime are covering the military coup in a cautiously positive manner over the last few hours.

Could the coup in Niger about a month ago have been the first domino in a series? Regardless, France’s future in Africa doesn’t seem that promising.

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