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Najuan Samri, a reporter for the Qatari network Al Jazeera (the network that promotes the narrative of Hamas and broadcasts attacks by Hamas terrorists on IDF soldiers in exclusive segments), reports from the areas of the Gaza envelope (I have circled in yellow the marking that it broadcasts from the Otaf – AA) about the IDF attacks in Gaza this morning.

Samri describes how the “engineering corps of the occupying army” blows up what is left of the houses of Palestinian civilians.

Incitement against Israel from within Israeli territory, with Israeli approval.

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B Harold

Just curious, why does an international network say “occupying army” implying Israel occupies Aza…
Aza was occupied 60 years by Egypt, and not a word, Israel took it over in 1967, and had a few settlements that actually made things peaceful. In 2005 Israel gave Aza to the Arab population, and exited all towns. For almost 20 years Aza has been ruled by a terrorist organization that allegedly misuses billions in funds to build a terror network under schools, hospitals, and homes, they attack Israel, brutal barbaric rape, murder of children, take hostages, chose a war, that will destroy the place. But not a word from these media networks?? Hmm?

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