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Nasrallah: There will be no negotiations on land borders – the border is already known. Israel needs to withdraw from Lebanese territory.

On Wednesday, Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah delivered a long speech in an event marking 17 years since the outbreak of the Second Lebanon War. Within his lengthy speech, Nasrallah dedicated only a short but focused part to the recent events on the border with Israel, while the rest of his speech addressed internal Lebanese issues, highlighting the achievements of the Second Lebanon War, and even referencing the recent Quran burning in Europe.

Regarding Wednesday’s events at the border (the targeting of Hezbollah operatives who approached the fence), Nasrallah informed that the matter is still under investigation and examination, after which appropriate action will be taken.

Regarding the issue of the Hezbollah tents placed on Mount Dov, Nasrallah stated that they were placed on Lebanese soil and emphasized that if they were removed or attacked (by Israel -Abu Ali), there would be a definite response from Hezbollah. According to him, “the guys received instructions on how to act in case the tents are attacked.” Nasrallah added that in the past, Israel did not think twice about forcibly removing such tents, but the reality has changed thanks to the strength of resistance and the deterrent balance. Nasrallah further mentioned that the tents were placed because there is a problem that requires a solution – the issue of the Lebanese territory occupied by Israel, a matter that has not been resolved for 17 years.

Nasrallah refers to the discussion about “land border demarcation” and presents an uncompromising position: in the maritime issue, there was a process of deciding where the maritime border are, because there were none before, it was a new matter. However, in the case of land borders, everything is clear and known since the 1920s, and therefore, there is no need for a process of delineating the land borders – Israel simply needs to withdraw from the known borders.

Nasrallah emphasizes that the village of Ghajar will not be abandoned, and the same applies to the 13 border points from which Israel needs to withdraw, alongside its withdrawal from Shebaa Farms and the Kfarshuba hills.

According to Nasrallah, it is the duty of “the triangle” – the state, the people, and the resistance (Hezbollah) – to restore Lebanon’s lands by force, returning them to its possession.

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