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Official Lebanon aligns with Hezbollah’s position

This article is in continuation of our previous article

The Prime Minister of Lebanon, Najib Mikati:
“We informed the envoys (the American envoy Amos Hochstein – AA) that discussing the issue of calm in the Lebanese arena alone is unreasonable and we demand a cease-fire in Gaza for that purpose.
We will not accept that our brothers go through genocide while we make a special agreement just for us.”

His words have special significance due to the fact that Lebanon, as a country and he as its head, officially declares a position identical to that of the Iranian axis, something that no sovereign country from whose territory attacks on Israel are launched in the current war has done so far.
I will explain: the attacks on Israel carried out by militias that do not receive the official and public support of the countries on whose territory they operate. The closest thing to this is the Houthis in Yemen, but their rule is not recognized as the legal rule in the country by most countries of the world, so in fact the statement by the Prime Minister of Lebanon today, which adopts Hezbollah’s position, has a special and unique meaning.

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