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Palestinian channels: footage from “Belt of Fire” attacks inside the Gaza Strip

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Honest Truth

No one wanted to get to this point.!!! the world gave the sadistic criminals butchers, the benefit of the doubt before the massacre.. They massacred the innocent children of Israel, and beautiful families lost forever; And also killed other nationals from around the world. Example, Pilipino workers in farms. They killed many more! . They also killed palestinians and other Arabs that opposed them for years. They ruled by fear and intimidation. Forty three (43) countries were affected by the slaughter and hostage taking, i am sure you all know this.. but must be reminded again.

There is no place for butchers who rip open mothers and decapitate unborn babies (report from first responders in the Israeli towns); And many more atrocities too long to list here.
The ARAB WORLD is suggested politely to show the peaceful side of Islam and their nations, by denouncing the butchers, bringing them to justice, and passing laws to combat illegal assembly in their nations celebrating the massacre. But what do I know? I am just one human in a world of 7B people. Something to think about…

Last edited 1 month ago by Honest Truth
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