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Saudi Arabia: Plane flying from Seychelles to Tel Aviv makes emergency landing in Saudi Arabia with Israeli passengers on board.

The Saudi “al-Okaz” newspaper, a prominent publication established since 1960, headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, reports on the incident involving Air Seychelles flight SET022.

The flight had departed from Seychelles en route to Tel Aviv and was carrying approximately 130 Israeli passengers. The aircraft was compelled to make an emergency landing at Jeddah’s Saudi airport due to a mechanical malfunction.

According to the Saudi newspaper, a distress call was received from the aircraft yesterday at 20:12, reporting the presence of smoke in the cockpit. Subsequently, a Level 2 emergency was declared at Jeddah Airport. The plane touched down safely at the airport at 20:40, as per the report.

The newspaper also mentioned that six members of the plane’s crew were transferred to a hotel. Additionally, 128 passengers along with three children who were on the flight, were accommodated at the Airport’s Hotel in hall number 1.

However, the newspaper’s report omitted the fact that the passengers were Israeli citizens. According to Israeli media sources, a replacement plane has been dispatched within the past hour to retrieve the Israeli passengers who are still on Saudi soil.

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