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Statements made by Salah al-Bardawil, a member of Hamas’ political bureau, both before and after the Flag March

It’s important to note that while al-Bardawil holds a position within Hamas’ political bureau, he is considered to be of a relatively lower rank. Typically, he is assigned to the media when Hamas needs someone to make unsupported threats, to make claims in the face of an uneasy situation when reality contradicts those claims. This pattern was also observed with yesterday’s events.

This is what al-Bardawil stated before the march:

“The flag march will not take place! Those who dare to knock on the door will receive an answer, and the door of al-Aqsa is not an ordinary door for impure hands to touch. The unruly herd must understand this when the response is heard, and it will come. There is no other option…”

After the flag march took place, al-Bardawil wrote:

“The flag march. The nearsighted, impatient, and historically ignorant individuals are the ones who believe that the Zionist enemy emerged victorious due to their Korach-like march (referring to the biblical Korach, who was swallowed by the earth – Abu Ali). They assume our people and resistance were too feeble to curb their arrogance. Everyone needs to understand that the balance of gain and loss runs much deeper than what one perceives… Our people have not surrendered or forsaken their rights, and our enemy will know no rest from the terror. History reveals that the rightful prevail in the end.”

Remember these remarks when you hear about Salah al-Bardawil.

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