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Syria – Lebanon: Surge in Refugees from Syria Raises Concerns

Lebanese media have recently been reporting a significant increase Syrian citizens attempting to enter Lebanon illegally.

According to the Lebanese “al-Akhbar” newspaper, during the month of August alone, over 7,000 Syrians were caught attempting to cross the border into Lebanon (it’s important to note that this figure represents only those who were caught – Abu Ali).

The Lebanese public is becoming increasingly troubled by the growing number of Syrian refugees entering its country, as the nearly two million Syrian refugees already present in Lebanon are placing a considerable strain on the country’s already faltering economy. Additionally, there is evidence of a degrading and discriminatory attitude among the Lebanese towards the Syrians, most notably concerning the upcoming school year, as many Lebanese citizens oppose Syrian refugees study with their children in the same schools.

Concerns in Lebanon also revolve around the possibility that among the Sunni Syrian refugees attempting to enter, there may be “Islamist terrorists” with longstanding resentments against Hezbollah.

It’s worth mentioning that Syria saw a higher level of violence this past month, compared to previous months, due to ongoing conflicts, notably the confrontation between Kurds in northeastern Syria and local Arab tribes. Furthermore, the awakening of the Druze community in southern Syria against the Assad regime likely also contributes to the country’s destabilization. It’s more than plausible that these factors are connected to the recent influx of Syrian refugees making their way to Lebanon.

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