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axis of resistance

Iranian Jerusalem Day: As part of a round of short speeches by the leaders of the “axis of resistance” (including the leader of the Houthis in Yemen, the chairman of Hamas’ political bureau, the PIJ’s Secretary-General, and more), Nasrallah repeated tonight the main messages conveyed by all senior axis leaders:

1. The recent regional changes, and rap·proche·ment between Arab countries help in creating a united front against Israel. 2. Israel is in an unprecedented crisis.

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Nasrallah – Jerusalem

In light of the recent tensions in East Jerusalem, it’s worth noting that in Monday in his interview to the Iranian Al-Alam channel, Nasrallah emphasized

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Lebanon – Hezbollah

Sources affiliated with the Axis of Resistance are reporting this evening that Ali Atwa – a Hezbollah official who is wanted by the Americans for

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UK – Iran

Due to logistical problems causing issues in fuel supply, Queues started forming near gas stations in the UK. Iranians identified with the “axis of resistance”

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