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2. Sinwar, like Nasrallah, praises the recent wave of terrorist attacks in Israel. He addresses the young people of the West Bank, urging them not to wait for anyone and to carry out such attacks. In his remarks, he referred to the dramatic psychological effect and extensive media coverage that the terrorist attack in Tel Aviv received, being broadcasted live to the whole world. Sinwar used this example to encourage the young people in the West Bank to carry out similar attacks, saying that one attack with a gun managed to put “the entire Zionist entity and its security apparatus” on high alert for hours. Sinwar warns the potential assailants from exposing their intentions on social media for fear of being noticed by Israeli intelligence.

3. Sinwar refers to the popular Israeli television program “Uvda” (“Fact”), which covered “Operation Lightning Strike” (The IDF’s attack on Hamas’ underground network of tunnels),

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