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The Islamic Jihad reveals its “Jenin” UAV, including documentation of the UAV dropping a grenade at an IDF jeep in 2019. That is, according to them.

For “International” Jerusalem Day, the Islamic Jihad published a video revealing its Jenin UAV, with a clip of the UAV dropping a grenade on an IDF jeep. But not everything is as it seems.

To put it simply: Aside from missing the jeep, the aircraft that dropped the grenade is hovering over one point. A UAV, like the “Jenin” that is showcased in the published photos and video, always has to be in motion.

The Islamic Jihad likely used a drone with a grenade tied to it, and not a UAV. Similar to what ISIS did, as early as 2015-2016.

It appears that Abu Hamza, the spokesman for the military wing of the Islamic Jihad,
was pressured into showing some achievement or gimmick on this year’s “International” Jerusalem Day. So he decided to show a failed attempt of a drone dropping a grenade from 2019, and claim that it’s actually the organization’s new advanced UAV.

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