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The 12 Palestinian casualties, as reported on Palestinian channels

Despite the seemingly innocent photos, all of the 12 were either militants, participated in militant activities, or were “fighters”, according to Palestinian channels.

In an official announcement, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed that 8 out of the 12 were their militants. The remaining 4 have also been referred to as “martyred fighters” on Palestinian channels, although their specific affiliation remains unclear.

1 Ahmed al-Amar – PIJ
2. Sameeh Abu al-Wafa – PIJ
3. Aws al-Hanoun – PIJ
4. Majdi Ararawi – PIJ
5. Nur al-Din Marshoud – PIJ
6. Hussam Abu Theeba – PIJ
7. Abd al-Rahman Sa’abneh – PIJ
8. Ali al-Ghoul – PIJ
9. Jawad Nairat – referred to as “martyred fighter” on Palestinian channels
10. Udai Hamayseh – Shot while throwing an IED at Israeli forces
11. Mustafa Qassem – referred to as “martyred fighter” on Palestinian channels
12. Muhammad al-Shami – Palestinian militant, affiliation unknown

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