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The locations of the 3 prominent hospitals in Gaza City and the northern Gaza Strip

Those who follow the reports here on the channel repeatedly come across the names of 3 leading hospitals that are of interest in fighting. I found it appropriate to locate them for you on the map, according to the attached numbering:

1. Shifa Hospital in Gaza City
2. The Indonesian hospital in the north of the Gaza Strip
3. Al-Quds Hospital of the Red Crescent in the south of Gaza City

I marked in blue the intersection line on 10th Street south of Gaza.
I am also attaching geographic distance data (as-the-crow-flies) from the Shifa hospital:

600 meters from the sea
3.4 km from 10th Street – the Beitur line
1.8 km from the Shatti refugee camp
6.3 km from the eastern border of Gaza City with Israel

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