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The Palestinians report that the disconnection of communications and internet service in the Gaza Strip continues today.

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Yeah! Bezeq really has bad service 😉

Honest Truth

They abuse platforms such as TT, and others.. countless of free palestine messages, and laughing at our grief. Instagram also seem to be biased and in favor of palestinians. Whats going on there? Are the sensors blocking pro-Israel and allowing hate speech by pro-p.? Someone needs to check this. I have been temporarily blocked 5 times, and all i was doing is debunking propaganda and BOTS..

Honest Truth

Whats wrong with saying free palestine from you? In response to the thousands of free palestine messages on the stories of the hostages.. i think instagram is pro-palestine, even though its owned by Meta, they could be independently edited. Did anyone experience this?

Honest Truth

Good less lies online that way

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