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What breaks the spirit of Gazans the most?

These days I spend a lot of time following Palestinian channels and the statements of Gazans online. What you get here on the channel is a small percentage of the material that I read every day.
Throughout the days of fighting, my understanding grows stronger that beyond the severe attacks, the destruction, the deaths and the shortages, there are two significant things that crush the spirit of the Gazans:

1. The entry of Israeli soldiers and military equipment into the “defended citadel” (القلعة الميمونة – a phrase used by Yahya Sinwar in his speeches in the past). And the meaning is pictures of Israeli forces in sites known to them (which they manage to identify), and in populated areas.

2. The turning away and abandonment by the Arab and Islamic nation that abandons the Gazans to their fate. In their view, beyond a few Houthi missiles, one and a half billion Muslims barely managed to get in 150 trucks of food and medicine during a month of hard fighting. Not a single military force of an Arab country (I’m not talking about the proxies) stood up and came to their aid. Not Egypt, not Syria, not Jordan and not even the Palestinian Authority. In each of these countries senior journalists have already started reciting amusing excuses why their country cannot intervene militarily for Gaza. This destroys the Gazans because they know that once again, as before, they will be left with only sympathy.

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